Perth’s most discerning clients choose Valento Residences

We provide a beginning to end design
and construct service. if you have
already engaged an architect, we are
very comfortable to be appointed
as your construction partner.


In keeping with your high expectations, you can
take comfort in the fact that every step of your
new home journey will be closely monitored by
one of our company directors.

Your experience will be a very personal
one. As a boutique luxury builder, we take
the time to understand every intricate
detail of your new home aspirations, while
providing you with a multitude of options
to ensure your new residence is completed
within your budget parameters.

As all of our homes are bespoke, with
varying levels of logistical challenges,
we’ve created an overriding process
that will be adjusted to suit the unique
characteristics of your new residence.
This process is being continually refined
in keeping with product and material
innovations, evolving building methods and
the changing needs of our clients.